Masters in Health Administration

by admin on September 1, 2009

Masters in health administration involves the study of competencies and knowledge required for administration careers in the health care industry. The administration usually includes managing of hospitals and other types of health care institutions.

The programs offered generally differ depending on the setting. There are classroom based ones in public health colleges while the practitioner-teacher programs are common in medicine and allied health colleges.

The program requires students to study various areas that include organizational behavior, strategy formulation, and leadership, management of information systems, governance, health care marketing, human resource management, health policy, healthcare economics, population health, financial analysis and statistical analysis.

The masters in health administration will give you a greater appreciation of the management issues in the health care industry and also prepare you to undertake the various roles available in senior management in the industry. The focus is on various levels of the industry including the federal, state, local and private. The programs are designed to make students competent planners, financial managers, who are knowledgeable about public health, its organization, financing and the laws that relate to it.

To enroll for a masters in health administration in most countries, you will be required to have an undergraduate degree and some experience in the health care industry. The curriculum often varies from one university to another.

This program gives you an opportunity to be part of a large job market that offers great salaries. The amount of money you make in this market will be determined by the experience you have gained to supplement your degree. Strong management skills also play a crucial role in determining how much you earn after you have acquired masters in health administration.

There are some scholarships and grants available if you have financial problems and still have a desire to pursue this program. The funds are offered by both the public and private organizations and you do not have to pay them back. In some cases, there are some requirements such as maintenance of certain grade point averages or participation in services that you may need to fulfill to get the funds.

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