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July 2010

When considering a place to live — or considering whether to remain in your current city — it can help to have additional information. Those involved in public health know that there are a number of factors that contribute to the overall health and safety of any municipality. You don’t have to be a public health administrator to get the inside information on health and safety for your city, though. You can actually find out more about what’s going on by using online tools to look at the stats related to your city. Here are 25 free tools you can use to analyze what’s going on with your city.
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When you use social networking such as Twitter and Facebook, the very use of those tools implies that you want to connect socially with friends and business partners through social media platforms. But, how can you keep the worlds of business and socializing separate, especially if you work in the healthcare field? While these platforms can promote services as well as connect with patients, how far can healthcare workers take these platforms, and what do they need to know? [click to continue…]

The effort to fill health care jobs online remains steady, even in the career of health administration. While many health administration jobs are listed at larger job sites such as, our list of the top 50 Web tools to find health administration jobs focuses on smaller job search venues, such as health care career sites, niche jobs and health care recruiting agencies. Each link below is listed alphabetically within those three categories, and leads directly to job listings or to the site where you can apply for health administration positions. [click to continue…]