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25 Great Sites for Hospital Reviews

by admin on September 21, 2011

Healthcare isn’t cheap, and chances are it isn’t going to get much cheaper much sooner. With the most expensive part of healthcare easily being the hospital visit, it can cost even the insured patient tens of thousands of dollars in just one visit. With the doctors, labs, imaging facilities, and even the hospital itself sending in their very own bills, it makes more sense than ever to research as much as possible before choosing a hospital.

To help in the search for lower bills and better care, we have collected 25 great sites for hospital reviews. They are reviewed by everyone from internationally known publications and agencies to users and patients just like you. [click to continue…]

When considering a place to live — or considering whether to remain in your current city — it can help to have additional information. Those involved in public health know that there are a number of factors that contribute to the overall health and safety of any municipality. You don’t have to be a public health administrator to get the inside information on health and safety for your city, though. You can actually find out more about what’s going on by using online tools to look at the stats related to your city. Here are 25 free tools you can use to analyze what’s going on with your city.
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