Masters in Health Education – MHA

A masters in health education or master in administration (MHA) with a concentration in education can help students advance in the healthcare industry in a teach role. With this type of degree students can work as an adjunct professor, teaching academics, as an educator within a hospital or health care facility to train other employees, or as a representative to the public, teaching classes on topics such as CPR, first aid, alcohol dependence, sexual health, and contagious disease prevention.

Although every master’s degree program is different, some of the common course topics that are covered in health education programs include curriculum preparation, leadership, student assessment and evaluation, learning strategies, and communication. Upon graduation, students can work at hospitals, colleges and universities, public health companies, clinics, or any number of other types of healthcare employers.

A career in health education is not for everyone. Students may be required to work long hours, travel, and take continuing education classes on an annual basis. Students also have to deal with students, some of which might present challenges, such as learning disabilities or no motivation to learn the course content.

However, a career in health education can also be extremely rewarding. Students could help staff members perform their jobs better or prevent major health problems, such as the spread of contagious disease. While students are not directly working to treat patients, they are doing their hand to ensure that everyone is trained properly to treat patients or to avoid medical problems at home.

In order to participate in a master’s degree program in the field of health education, students need to hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Many programs also require that students are licensed or certified in a health-related field and have experience working in this industry, but requirements vary from program to program.

Masters in Health Education – MHA Degrees Online

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Earning a masters in health administration degree will open doors to a variety of health care jobs and careers. Administrator or director positions within hospitals, laboratory research centers, medical clinics, medical policy organizations, health insurance organizations, and other positions are available to individuals who earn master's degrees in this subject. The colleges and universities listed below all offer accredited online degree programs in health administration.

Ashford University
Ashford University has made many programs available online for health administration: a Master's of Business Administration, Master's of Arts, and finally a Bachelor's of Arts. All of these programs are designed for students who want to quickly further their career goals with leadership roles in the healthcare system and includes an in-depth look into finance, strategic planning, and biostatistics. AU has added several online programs in response to increased interest in distance learning.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan offers several master's-level degree programs for individuals seeking administration positions within the healthcare field. Their MS in healthcare management enables graduates to pursue management positions in hospitals, doctor offices, outpatient centers, and home health care services. The program focuses on developing core managerial skills as well as furthering a student's knowledge of the US healthcare system.
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Walden University
For aspiring health administrators, Walden University offers two suitable master's-level degrees. Their MHA program develops in its students the skills, knowledge, and expertise required for leadership positions in the healthcare field. Their MPH program teaches students about community wellness and disease prevention. For those interested in engaging in public health policy, Walden even offers an MPA in the field.
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Colorado Technical University
The health care management MBA program from Colorado Technical University is offered online in a flexible, affordable, and convenient format for busy people. Students will learn about the ethical, legal, and medical responsibilities of undertaking a management position within the healthcare industry.
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Northcentral University
The focus of the MBA degree with a specialization in Health Care Administration is to help you develop essential managerial knowledge and skills in financial management, legal and ethical issues of health care, and to examine and develop health care policies.
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Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University offers an online Master of Science (MS) degree in healthcare administration that grooms its students to become future leaders in the healthcare industry. Graduates of this program are prepared to enter into a variety of roles within the profession. Potential employers include hospitals, health insurance organizations, health clinics, and more.
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Directory of Health Administration Master's Degree Programs

The following masters degrees in health administration are available to earn online:

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