Masters in Health Informatics – MHA

Health informatics is a quickly-growing field in the medical industry. In this career area, students work with data collection, processing, storing, and communication. Students could work in any number of facilities, such as hospitals, medical research laboratories, clinics, medical manufacturing companies, health insurance companies, nursing homes, out-patient care centers, and more.

If students are interested in working in health informatics, one of the degree options they can consider is a master in health administration, or MHA, with a concentration in health informatics. The advantage of getting this kind of degree over a master of health science, master of informatics, or other type of master’s degree is that students have a background in administration along with an education in health informatics. This allows students to qualify for advanced leadership positions within the health informatics world. In fact, most of the best positions in the health informatics world require students to have at least a master’s degree, and many look favorably upon those who have a background in administration or management.

In order to participate in an MHA program in health informatics, students need at least a bachelor’s degree in a related area, such as business administration, computer science, health informatics, or management. Many MHA programs also require that students have work experience or a background in medical billing and coding, in order to be prepared for the coursework. Every program has different requirements, but working in the industry, whether it is required or not, can be extremely beneficial. Working while attending a master’s degree program is possible when students go to school online, since they can participate in classes on a flexible schedule. Many employers even help to pay for the school if students agree to work with them upon graduation. Through tuition assistance programs, grants, and other forms of financial aid, students can actually go to school for free.

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