Masters in Health Science – MHA

With a master in health science students can pursue an academic degree and specialize in research or they can take a more practical and clinical approach, which is possible with a master in health administration. This type of degree prepares students to work in a healthcare setting. This is an alternative to the master of public health degree, which typically requires more experience. With a masters’ degree in the health science field, students can specialize in a number of areas, but with an administration degree, they prepare for leadership in the healthcare industry.

As a student in a masters in health science program that focuses on health administration, the classes students take cover topics such as health systems, finance and accounting, epidemiology, public health, international health, education, leadership and teamwork, data systems, and communications. Students may also take classes on ethics and law, covering subject matter like abortion, life support systems, and stem cell research.

A masters in health science or MHA program typically requires students to have a bachelor’s degree in a related area. Unlike masters of public health programs, many do not require students to have practical experience, though every program is different, so check with course requirements before applying to any college.

Most master’s degree programs in this area take about two years to complete, though some students prefer to go to school part-time in order to continue working while getting an advanced degree. This is especially possible when students go to school online, as they can create a flexible class schedule that works with their career. Some employers even have tuition assistance programs, which give students money for school so they can get their advance degree.

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