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If you’re currently working in health administration, one of the best ways to advance in your career and make more money is to go back to school for your masters in health administration (MHA). However, when you do some research to learn about the programs available, the costs of advanced education can be daunting. College grants are some of the best ways to pay for your education, and there are a number of funds available for students studying in the healthcare field.

Unlike scholarships, grants are given based on financial need. With scholarships, you often have to write an essay, show a high level of academic excellence, or otherwise prove that you’re “worthy” of the money. It’s a lot of pressure, and you’ll be competing for the money against other students who are also are at the top of their classes or show a lot of promise in the field of health administration. Grants are available based on need instead, and although they are often more labor-intensive in terms of the application process, they often also provide nearly all of the money you need to get your degree.

One of the best places to find MHA college grants is from the government. Healthcare workers are in high demand across the country, and the government offers funds in order to help students pay for their education. The United States Department of Health and Human Services is a great place to start when looking for college grants. Your state and local government may also offer college grants for students interesting in the healthcare field.

Along with the government, you could qualify for college grants through your school. Both online colleges and traditional campus colleges often offer grants to students. Some of these grants are given to all students directly from the financial aid department. Other grants are available from specific departments. So, make sure that you check with both sources so that you know about all of the funds available for those pursuing an MHA degree.

Private organizations also sometimes offer grants for MHA students. Their requirements vary, so make sure that you read the directions carefully to avoid applying for grants for which you don’t qualify. Both the Association of University Programs in Health Administration and the Foundation of Research and Education offer grants to students in MHA programs. You can also search for organizations offering general educational grants, not just those offering grants specifically for healthcare administration students.

Grants aren’t the only source for money for MHA students. Along with scholarships and student loans, you might also be able to get money for school from your employer. If you’re currently working in the health administration field, check out tuition reimbursement programs available from your employer. Many will contribute in order to guarantee that they’ll have employees with the most education possible.

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